We aren’t new to this. Our team has decades of professional investing and trading experience in emerging markets and fast moving technologies which give us a deep knowledge and understanding of how to be positioned to take advantage of today’s cryptocurrency markets and opportunities.

Investing and Trading in speculative and new technology cycles is much different than any other markets in the world. The profits that can be made are explosive and much better than you will find in any other asset class, but the trade off is the volatility is high and the markets move fast.

This is why we have built Signal Profits to help even novice traders and investors learn and get up to speed quickly, and be able to position themselves for maximum gains without the hundreds of hours studying the markets and years of trial and error.

Our overall philosophy is that the best way to make money is to never lose any money. So “Capital Preservation” is always or top priority. This doesn’t mean we will never lose, but we take risk / reward set up’s seriously and go easy when the market is shaky and go hard when the odds are in our favor. This leads to maximum growth when the trend is our friend and safety and minimized losses when the bears return to the markets.

To be honest, this was never supposed to be public. We originally built this systematic approach for our own trades and we still use it every day. But after sharing it with close friends and family and seeing complete beginners make massive profits, word traveled fast. We opened up the system for all to benefit, we want to share the wealth, and more importantly, we are on a mission to increase Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency adoption and end the grip of the Banks and Wall Street over our financial lives.

If your main question right now is, “What Coin Should I buy?” then Signal Profits is for you. We truly make it as easy as Copy. Paste. Profit!