Refund Policy

Refund Policy: Our refund policy states that: When a member signs up they immediately benefit from the knowledge of the stats, analytics or from the newsletter leaders, we will offer a refund within the first 30 days if you are not happy with your membership. If you paid in cryptocurrency, we do not offer any refunds whatsoever due to the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and the fact that we cash them out to USD as soon as the payment is made.  There are absolutely no refunds after 30 days, including partial refunds for new promotional events or incorrect coupon code usage as well as if you forget billing recurs automatically every six months or every quarter depending on the level of membership you have. Our subscriptions are on a “auto renewal” process which will automatically charge your card on every renewal term. You can cancel this auto renewal within the membership site very easily.

There is no refund if a member is found to be spamming other websites, email addresses, free email sign up pages or any such solicitation to join another service. All such issues shall be reported to me via the contact page. Any member that solicits another site or service via the site shall have an immediate account termination with no refund of unused money.

To remove yourself from auto renew and cancel your account, please use the “contact us/support” page hereWe ask that you request a termination no later than 3 full business days before your renewal. Refunds hurt the merchant status and if you’ve ever tried to get a merchant to run a business, you fully understand how sensitive this relationship is. Your billing expiration date can be found by keeping track of your start date or emailing support requesting when your membership is up for renewal. Again, if you forget to close your account before billing recurs, we do not offer refunds after it has auto renewed. Your “Subscriptions” dates can be found by clicking on this link here. I’m not being difficult, just letting you know my merchant status is my life and asking you to only sign up if you are serious and keep track of your billing should you need to take a break from trading.

Cancellation Policy: As stated above, you must provide 2 business days notice prior to your auto renewal for us to terminate you account and prevent any additional charges. Please be advised that once you request a cancellation, if you do not specify to have your account continued, your account will be terminated upon your cancellation request to prevent any additional charges or misunderstandings. To contact us use the “Contact Us” link provided above or click here now.