Training & Education

"If you want to win the game

you have to know the rules and how to play!"

As investors, we should always be willing to invest in our own education, as it is the key to success with any area of life, and when it comes to Investing and Trading, it’s even more important. We like to say: “If you want to win the game, then you have to know the rules and how to play.” This is why Jacob and Mark are so focused on creating and giving away education and training, so everyone has a higher chance at success.

Investing and Trading Cryptocurrencies is very different than any other asset class in the world. The way they are purchased, exchanged, is not the same as other stocks, commodities, bonds, and currencies. And understanding valuation methods, adoptions curves, and technical chart movements takes unique sets of skills not found in other markets.

Signal Profits offers a comprehensive training platform to take a complete beginner with no knowledge of Cryptocurrencies, Investing or Trading, and get them up to speed quick. Our simple training videos give you step by step instructions as if you were watching over our shoulder as we do the steps ourselves. As we cover all the steps and topics you need to be successful.


  • What Bitcoin is and what it’s about
  • Understanding Blockchain
  • What are ICO’s
  • Ways to play the Crypto Markets



  • Trading 101: understanding the basics of trading
  • Using charting software
  • Using indicators; RSI, Moving Averages, Stochs, etc.
  • Entering Orders: limits, markets, and stop losses



  • Understanding market cycles
  • Valuing Crypto assets
  • Where and how to buy bitcoin
  • How to store your coins safe and secure
  • How to exchange bitcoins for other coins

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